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These days, nearly all of us have to encounter multiple problems as we travel to work every day. For starters, the roads are overcrowded with people and traffic, which makes it continually inconvenient and tiresome to go from one place to another.

With the advancement in locomotive technology and developments in batteries, electric two wheelers in India are emerging as a better and more cost-effective alternative to conventional cars, buses, and other public modes of conveyance.   

Benefits of Electric Two Wheelers in India and Purchasing Guide

An electric two-wheeler is essentially a vehicle that looks similar to a typical fuel-driven scooter. However, it fundamentally differs from the usual scooters and bikes as it is powered by electric energy instead of petrol. Okinawa’s e scooters are more comfortable and ergonomic in comparison as well.

A large population of Indian consumers is thinking of buying an electric two-wheeler in Gujarat and all across India. The purpose of doing so can be anything – daily work commutes, traveling for shorter or longer distances, and so on.

But there are multiple things to take into account before you can go ahead and buy one that fits your needs, which we will talk about in this blog. You can even consider this as the perfect guide to assist you in your purchase – but first, here are a few vital advantages of using an e scooter –

  • It does not need any fuel; all you have to do is charge its battery every now and then.
  • You get to save a load of money and time since you no longer have to go and get it refueled every other day.
  • The maintenance of electric two-wheelers is nearly negligible.
  • These vehicles are highly eco-friendly because they do not emit any harmful gases that can damage the environment.

Buying Electric Two Wheelers in India – What to Consider

Given below are certain parameters that you might keep an eye out for while shopping for an e scooter –

  1. Body Frame – These come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The ones that you have to stand and ride are compact and often foldable but not as durable or high-quality most of the time. For those who prefer a long-lasting e scooter that is built sturdier than the average petrol-fuelled versions, then Okinawa is a great choice.
  2. Design and Structure – This is one of the main aspects to think about before purchasing battery scooters. Electric scooters come in all kinds of designs – some of them have seats, whereas others do not.
  3. Battery – It is preferable to purchase electric two-wheelers in India that run on lighter Lithium-ion batteries. This is because not only can they recharge much faster but are also known for providing greater performance as compared to a lead-acid battery.
    The government also offers a subsidy on Lithium-ion batteries, which makes battery scooters like Okinawa’s array of scooters all the more affordable.
  4. Motor – For the motor, on the other hand, consider one of higher wattage as it can give heightened acceleration and a better ability to climb up gentle slopes.
  5. Cost – This can vary according to your purpose – if you want an electric scooter for traveling daily, then the electric two-wheelers from Okinawa are quite affordable. 

Okinawa Scooters: the Best E Scooters in India at Present

Lately, the electric vehicle industry has seen a rise in the types of battery scooters available with a varied range of electric scooter price in Pune, Bangalore, and other places throughout the country. No two are constructed the same, and this means you have plenty of options to choose from!

Following are the various speeds of our unique models –

  • Okinawa PraisePro→ Economy: 30-35kmph, Speed: 50-60kmph, Turbo: 65-70kmph
  • Okinawa i-Praise+→ Economy: 30-35kmph, Speed: 50-60kmph, Turbo: 65-70kmph
  • Okinawa Ridge+→ 55kmph
  • Okinawa Ridge→ 55kmph
  • Okinawa Praise →Economy: 35kmph, Speed: 55-60kmph, Turbo: 70-75kmph
  • Okinawa Raise → 25kmph
  • Okinawa Ridge30 → 25kmph

Now, let’s take a look at the distance per kilometer each one can give you –

  • Okinawa Praise Pro – Sports: 88km/Charge, Eco: 110km/Charge
  • Okinawa i-Praise+ – Sports: 139km/Charge, Eco: 160km/Charge
  • Okinawa Ridge+ – 90-100km/Charge
  • Okinawa Ridge – 80-90km/Charge
  • Okinawa Praise – 170-200km/Charge
  • Okinawa Raise – 60-65km/Charge
  • Okinawa Ridge30 – 90-100km/Charge

That can make buying one a little confusing unless you know your requirements, budget, and what features to look for. But if you are looking for a battery scooter that can be used for both short as well as long commutes, then any one of these e scooters can fulfill this requirement for you.

Okinawa scooters have detachable Lithium-ion battery that can be carried and recharged anytime, anywhere in just a few hours. Its waterproof BLDC motor ranges from 250 watts to 1000 watts depending on the variant. So, you can rely on these battery scooters no matter where you go!

Author: okinawaelectricscooters

Okinawa Autotech Pvt. Ltd. is an e scooter manufacturing organization, whose headquarters are located in Gurugram, India. We offer multiple models of the most reliable battery scooter in India. These include Praise Pro, I-Praise+, Ridge +, Ridge, Praise, Raise, and Ridge30. Ideal for high-rise buildings, these e scooters come with many interesting functions such as a detachable battery and a charging port for your smartphone. If you wish to explore all these electric scooter models and buy them, just visit our website and check them out.

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